What is the ACB?

The Americas Chamber for Business (ACB) stands out as a dynamic, innovative, and uniquely positioned economic development chamber of commerce. Our mission at the Americas Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering business success and prosperity through strategic corporate connections within the business environment. With a modernized infrastructure that spans local, national, and global spheres, the Americas Chamber for Business serves as the cornerstone resource linking a vast array of businesses, potentially generating revenues in the billions.

We facilitate connections among businesses across the Americas, creating an extensive network that fosters significant business opportunities for enterprises of all sizes. We are committed to understanding, acknowledging, and executing the visions and objectives set by corporations, both locally and globally. With a global perspective ingrained in our chamber’s ethos, the ACB operates as a chamber without boundaries, further amplifying opportunities for our members.

In essence, the chamber’s remarkable value lies in its ability to facilitate and steer business interactions among members within a broad-reaching environment. Our dedication lies in adapting to the evolving needs and directions of today’s business community. We are the Americas Business Network, dedicated to fostering growth and success across borders and industries.

Here are the areas that Americas Chamber for Business is focusing on to build connections in the various communities:

Americas Chambers

Global Chambers


Chambers – “Canada” and the “Americas” – North, Central and South America. Chambers beyond the Western Hemisphere, such as the Africa, India Asia, Europe and others Educational, charities, other organizations that are dedicated to serving the communities.