What is the ACB?

Americas Chamber for Business (ACB) is an innovative, unique, dynamic and leading economic development chamber of commerce.  Americas Chamber of Commerce serves is dedicated to business success and prosperity through corporate business environment connections.  In a modernized design that is a combination of local, national and global infrastructure, the Americas Chamber for Business will be the resource that connects a very large number of businesses that could generate revenues in the billions.

Americas Chamber connects “The Americas Businesses” fostering a tremendous interchange of business opportunities for businesses of all sizes.  We understand, recognize and implement the visions and goals set by corporations locally as well as globally. With the chamber including a global focus, the ACB is a chamber without boundaries and opportunities are enhanced even greater.

In summary, the ability to connect and direct business between members in a large-scale environment is the tremendous value the chamber offers.  Adaptation to the business community of today and its direction is what we do.  We are Americas Business Network.

Here are the areas that Americas Chamber for Business is focusing on to build connections in the various communities:

Americas Chambers

Global Chambers


Chambers – “Canada” and the “Americas” – North, Central and South America. Chambers beyond the Western Hemisphere, such as the Africa, India Asia, Europe and others Educational, charities, other organizations that are dedicated to serving the communities.